Copperworks signifies the rejuvenation of one of Yorkshire’s foremost manufacturing powerhouses. Established in 1894 as Leeds Copperworks, the site has seen the creation of some of the most innovative products in the manufacturing industry.

From the invention of the Yorkshire fitting and the supply of materials for shipbuilding repairs in World War I, Copperworks has played a pivotal role in British industry and history. Generations of families have worked at the site, seeing the transition from Leeds Copperworks into Yorkshire Copperworks, as well as multiple mergers and takeovers since.

The site has played host to a number of industrial breakthroughs, as well as royal visits, and at its peak was the workplace of a 5,000 strong workforce.

With the regeneration of the area well underway, we hope to restore this historic site’s sense of purpose and belonging, ushering in a new era of creativity in Yorkshire manufacturing and industry.