October, 2023
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INSIGHT & ADVICE – Where Would We Be Without Them… We Discuss The Value Our Trusted Suppliers Bring To Towngate

by Julia Ford

At Towngate, we are proud to have fantastic relationships with the associates and suppliers we work alongside and who support us in the commercial property sector. View our supplier directory here >>

In a number of cases, these bonds have grown over many years, and they have all assisted in the successes we have achieved throughout our 6 decades in business. From the supply of legal, building, financial and marketing services, right through to the supply of equipment in general, building materials and so forth, we could not do what we do without them. In keeping with this, we are able to provide, via our ongoing communication with our customers, relevant details of our trusted suppliers to assist them in their own businesses and we think there is no better recommendation!  

The Value Of A Good Supplier

A solid landlord and supplier relationship will result in reduced risk and improvement in the quality of work provided as it is usually the case that the supplier will already be quite familiar with the property. Building a strong relationship isn’t something that will happen overnight but is usually built from small trust; building steps over a period of time. In the event that your ‘usual’ supplier is unavailable to assist, already having that faith in them will almost certainly mean that any other supplier they recommend to you, you will see as a safe bet and choose to use them.

Agent’s Army, a London based property services company, defines having a preferred suppliers’ list (PSL) as a ‘major business asset’ and that having a PSL is crucial, no one within your company should ever really recommend an unknown supplier, not on the PSL, to carry out work on behalf of your business.

To achieve the best results, it is usually prudent to have an individual within the company who holds the main responsibility for maintaining the relationship with the supplier. Here at Towngate our Facilities Manager, Jake Wilde, is that person. Below, Jake gives us his insight, from a facilities management point of view, as to why gaining and maintaining strong landlord and supplier relationships is vital for success.

“Strong relationships are built on trust and open communication. Clients and contractors need to trust each other to fulfil their respective obligations and communicate effectively to ensure the project’s success. Good relationships promote teamwork. When clients and contractors work well together, there is a higher likelihood of project success and finding quick resolutions when problems arise.

 Building and maintaining good relationships with clients and contractors can also enhance your reputation in the industry. Satisfied clients are more likely to provide referrals and positive reviews, which can lead to enhanced business opportunities. Effective relationships can also lead to cost savings. Contractors may be more inclined to offer competitive pricing or suggest cost-effective solutions when they have a good relationship with the client and happy clients are more likely to hire the contractors again for future projects. 

In summary, good working relationships with contractors are essential for project success, reputation building and cost savings. They foster an environment of trust and mutual respect, which ultimately benefits everyone involved”.

Watch out during 2024, when we will be showcasing a selection of our trusted suppliers.  

In the meantime, please click here to visit our new SUPPLIER DIRECTORY page  >>