February, 2024
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Meet the Supplier…. In February We Introduce Andrew Hawley of Building & Energy Efficiency Solutions Provider, Hawley Group

by Julia Ford

Meet our supplier… Andrew Hawley of Hawley Group – a specialist in the provision of Building & Energy Efficiency Solutions to the property sector. 

1. Andrew, please  tell us about your role at Hawley Group, and the part you play

My wife and I first launched Hawleys back in 2010. At that time, it was solely a bookkeeping business. However, by remaining agile and responding to client requirements professionally and efficiently, we have expanded to cover three trading businesses with a combined budget in excess of £15m in 2024 and are proud to employ a workforce of 30 people.

2. What’s been a key highlight for your organisation, to get to where you are now?

We stand by two statements that I firmly believe have carried us through some tough economic and societal challenges: ’endeavour to do the right thing’ and ‘always do what you say you’ll do’. 

3. And what’s next for your business?

I’ve stood at the helm for 13 years. Now, the management team is taking a more active role in the day-to-day operation of the business, with a plan to push towards £30m turnover in 2024. I’m looking forward to witnessing further success and growth over the coming months and years.

4. Share one word you would use to describe your industry:


5. Finish the sentence: The biggest misconception faced by our business sector is…

… a result of the unrealised energy savings claims made by companies that don’t share our customer-centric approach or business mantras (see question two). 

6. What advice would you give to someone starting a career within your sector? 

  Embrace your unique perspectives and insights, and don’t be afraid to challenge convention.

7. And the best piece of professional advice you were ever given?

Don’t try to sell things to people. Instead, help them to buy.

8. What will the biggest trend be within your business over the next 12 months?

Artificial Intelligence will revolutionise the way we manage our energy usage and the reporting systems that emerge — it’s an exciting time to work in the energy industry. 

9. If you have some time to yourself, what would be the first activity you opt for?

Driving – whether it’s on a racetrack or road, in any style or vehicle, but preferably something with speed.

10. And finally, for some fun, if you could play a part on TV, what would it be?

Mr Heckles – the eccentric neighbour on Friends.

At Towngate we have developed a strong network of  partners like Hawley Group over many years. They each play a crucial role in supporting our continued success. 

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