August, 2017
Property News

HQ Overhaul Underway

by Julia Ford

The construction of our offices was originally completed in the early nineties, and current revamp is the first overhaul we’ve seen in a quite a few years.

The building will benefit from a refurbishment of the lobby and stairs area, new toilet and shower facilities, plus full redecoration – including new carpets, balustrades, handrails and doors. Vital infrastructural repairs and the installation of a shared cycle shed will also take place.

With the support of fit-out experts Desk Office Interiors, our office space will also benefit from a refreshed reception area and team breakout room.

The HQ makeover has been in the pipeline for a while, but with our growing site portfolio and influx of new tenants across our estates, our priority has naturally been our clients’ spaces. Our own project has therefore taken a while to get off the ground.

However, Woodvale House itself is an extension of our own branding, so whilst we’ve largely focused our time and energy on developing properties elsewhere up until now, investing some care and attention into our own premises is long overdue. All last-minute design decisions have now been ironed out, and we will be excited to see the final result after months of planning and preparation.

We currently share our building with structural engineering tenants JNP Group and new leaseholders Digital High Street. All occupants will be remaining on-site throughout the renovation, and we expect it to be completed in mid-September.