August, 2016
Property News

A guide to moving – roles & responsibilities

by Julia Ford

Moving is never an easy task, and before you even get to the stage of carting boxes around, you have to take into consideration lots of different factors when choosing your next property.

Whether you’re moving office or industrial units, there are key things you need to consider. In a day and age when computer systems rule and the everything is in the cloud, something as simple as having bad internet can bring you to your knees in your new property.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a blog post series of things to think about when planning on moving, and thrown in some handy tips for good measure.

The first step to moving is:

Define Roles & Responsibilities

Moving premises is a big deal – and there’ll be more to sort out than you think. It’s important to decide early on who’ll be responsible for the move and organising the various aspects. Going through one point of contact will be easier for everyone, and they can delegate tasks accordingly. Qualities you should look for in your office move guru are:

  • A good organiser
  • Experienced at multi-tasking
  • Experienced at leading a team
  • A good motivator
  • Knows your business well
  • Good at managing and sticking to budgets

Once you have your person in place, it’s important to have regular team meetings to check up on progress, and hand out tasks if needs be.