October, 2023
Staff News

Meet The Team – Get To Know Our Facilities Manager, Jake Wilde

by Julia Ford

This month, we shone a spotlight on our dynamic facilities manager, as he takes a break from overseeing the seamless operations of our commercial properties at Towngate Plc. In his interview, Jake answers
some quickfire questions that offer a glimpse into his hobbies outside of work, remarkable professional achievements, and perspective on the ever-evolving commercial property sector.

Jake, your 60 seconds start now…

1. What’s your favourite element of your role at Towngate?

The best part of my position at Towngate is how reactive the role of a facilities manager can be — especially with a portfolio as large as ours. Each day comes with a new challenge — whether it be overseeing a new build project, alleviating a tenant’s concerns, or fielding general enquiries with longstanding clients.

2. What’s your biggest work achievement to date?

One of my highlights would be helping to upgrade our Haigh Park Road estate — creating a new road, refurbishing existing units, and ensuring the site complies with all the relevant health and safety requirements — which I believe contributed to the site now being fully occupied.

3. Name one thing people might not know about you.

While working in Tenerife, I performed as Robbie Williams in a stage production.

4. What one word would you use to describe the property sector?


5. Describe what you get up to on a typical weekend.

I manage and coach my eldest daughter’s under 13s football team, as well as cheer on my youngest daughter at her dance classes. As a family, we like to stay active at the weekend, so we would normally go swimming, and if the weather allows, take the paddleboards to North Yorkshire for a day on the water.

6. If one of your colleagues could win an award, who would it be and why?

It would have to be Julia Ford, our marketing manager, who helps us all in so many ways and always goes above and beyond. She also deserves a second award for putting up with her teammates talking about Leeds United in the office on a regular basis!

7. If you were in charge of Towngate for the day, what would be your No.1 goal?

I would make sure we keep up with our already brilliant staff social events. It’s great to be able to spend time together outside of work and get to know each other on a more personal level.

8. Describe your job to an alien.

Overseeing the facilities management of our portfolio — this can range from a pothole repair to a whole new roof, and everything in between.

9. What’s the best advice you were ever given?

You only get one chance to make a good first impression…..