May, 2020
Staff News

Towngate Employee Supports Local Community With Team During Coronavirus Crisis As Featured On Calendar News

by Julia Ford

“Towngate Employee part of the hard working team set up to  support the local community during the coronavirus, as featured on Caendar News”. 

Many of you will know of, or will have spoken to Dina Mistry – Towngate’s front-of-house receptionist and secretary. For those who know who we’re talking about, you will have noticed her friendly face or voice, always at the ready to help where needed. Well nothing’s changed during lockdown! 

Our very own Dina has been working alongside the Indian community in Bradford to prepare, pack and deliver meals to feed the city’s Police nightshift. Due to opening hours of shops being reduced, it is getting harder for those working through the night to get a good meal.  Having had such a positive impact, this is a project that has featured on regional news Calendar – find out here what it is all about: 


Dina and her husband Henry (pictured above) have also been saving to purchase some treats/goodies to provide to the pharmacy depts at the hospitals, as these people are also working around the clock at present and have largely been ignored, whilst putting themselves at risk everyday.  This is something that is particularly close to Dina’s heart, as her own son is a Pharmacy Technician.

And if that wasn’t enough, Dina has also registered as a NHS Volunteer which means she is contacting lonely or vulnerable people for a chat and to ensure they are well and have everything they need.

We are truly proud that Dina is part of the Towngate family and we would like to say a huge thank you to her and everybody working alongside her for their efforts to help people in the area.